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HOLYmicro + Kuba Áudio

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HOLYMICRO + HOLY-Kuba headphones

HOLYFANCY + Kuba Audio

Your music as you’ve never heard it! Handmade headphones that are built to last.
Kuba’s purpose is to offer you the best sound quality, comfort and a style that reflects your identity.
The development of each product follows a passion and a care built like a musical composition; piece per piece, note per note. It plays with your senses and surprises you.
HOLYFANCY has this same affection, the same values that’s why it really made sense to work together and create a very special partnership.
We created a HOLY-Kuba headphone made of an exclusive wood that comes now with a HOLYmicro multifunctional bag. It can be a handbag, a messenger bag or even become a little backpack.